Acronis True Image TIB to VMware VM

How to convert an Acronis True Image TIB backup file to a VMware VM.

  1. Create a VM with the same OS as the backup with a larger disk than the backup.  How much bigger does not matter.
  2. Boot the VM with the Acronis True Image recovery ISO.  If you do not have this, it is available for download on various websites and found via a Google search.
  3. Once the ISO is booted, choose recovery and connect to the remote location with the TIB file.  I find a local FTP connection to work fine.
  4. After the restore is done, reboot the VM and see if it is boots.  It likely won’t boot.  Don’t waste any time trying to troubleshoot.
  5. Load up VMware converter and convert the VM.   VMware converter will fix all drive label, boot, etc issues.  You will have a fully functioning VM once it is done.
  6. Host your Acronis True Image TIB at VMDK Hosting.   They will do the entire conversion listed above for you and host the exported VMware VM.