Month: May 2010

  • Upgrade all software on CentOS

    Most yum repos are out of date, many choose to run outdated software for fear of change, etc. wget -q -O – | sh yum upgrade

  • Blackberry + “A” Key + uo

    You probably have found this post after searching numerous sites… all with the wrong answer. 1. It is NOT moisture 2. It is NOT “dirty contacts” on the keyboard 3. It is NOT the trackball 4. You do not need to wipe your BlackBerry with JL_Cmder and reinstall the OS. I did all of the […]

  • VMware + FreeBSD 7.1 + AMD64 = BTX Halted

    Search No Further: Installing FreeBSD 7.1 (or 8.x), with the AMD64 version, under VMware ESXi and the CD loader crashes with a: “BTX Halted”. The solution is to enable: “Intel Virtualization” in BIOS. Also known as “VT” However if your BIOS also has Intel VT-d (Direct I/O), do not enable this.

  • Excellent Number List Generator

    A very cool little website I found to generate sequential number lists: Also generate random number lists.