Blackberry + “A” Key + uo

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You probably have found this post after searching numerous sites… all with the wrong answer.

1. It is NOT moisture
2. It is NOT “dirty contacts” on the keyboard
3. It is NOT the trackball
4. You do not need to wipe your BlackBerry with JL_Cmder and reinstall the OS.

I did all of the above and none of them resolved the issue.

My trackball was failing for a while and at the same time the “A” key was displaying “uo”.

I replaced my trackball with a cheap unit off of eBay and that did resolve the trackball, but the “A” key (and others) were still hosed.

The end result is that I limped by until my phone was up for an upgrade and I swapped out for a Torch.

I found no resolution the problem. I believe the root issue to be around the trackball, and if you note that on newer models they eliminated the track ball completely.

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