Month: January 2011

  • Dell 2970 – Crashes / Reboots

    Error on screen: HyperTransport error caused a system reset Embedded I/O Bridge Device 2 SEL will show: Chipset Err: Critical Event Sensor PCI Err (BUS 0 Device 7 Function 0) was asserted There is a discussion about it here (with no real solution): I replaced both power supplied with known good units from a […]

  • ZFS + List all snapshots

    zfs list -t snapshot Example Output: nas1# zfs list -t snapshot NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT nfs/datastore@rep-init-20110113013713 18K – 21K – nfs/datastore@rep20110113013825 311M – 311M – nfs/datastore@rep20110113015314 0 – 68K –

  • ZFS NFS Export

    Activate NFS on the pool: zfs set sharenfs=on Now restrict access by IP range: zfs sharenfs=”-maproot=root -alldirs -network -mask″ Verify using showmount: nas1# showmount -e Exports list on localhost: /nfs/datastore /nfs