Month: December 2010

  • FreeBSD LAGG / LACP Uneven Distribution

    If you have setup LAGG on FreeBSD and are noting that one NIC is getting all of the traffic. Switch to roundrobin and check results. The primary (“MASTER”) NIC will always receive the incoming traffic. With roundrobin all of the traffic will exit all NICs assigned to the LAGG.

  • FreeBSD + HAST + CARP + NFS

    FreeBSD recently introduced a disk replication setup: HAST. This is FreeBSD’s answer to DRDB for Linux. Some very good blog posts, with scripting, can be found here: FreeBSD + HAST + CARP + NFS HAST with ZFS My issues with HAST are its feeling of instability and the addition of numerous points of failure… sloppy […]

  • Dell Firmware Upgrade

    If you have been searching around for the proper ISOs to use. These two ISOs are what you need to use. This is bootable: cdu_1.5_core_225_A00.iso After you have burned and booted with the above CD. Download these three files: The above files need to be joined: Windows: copy /b OM* OM_610_SUU_A01.iso Linux: […]

  • Reset Password Foundry EdgeIron – Asset Recovery

    Foundry Models Covered: EIF24G, EIF4802CF, EIF48G, EIF24GS, EIF48GS, etc. 1) Establish a connection to the device on the console port 2) Power the switch on, while holding down ctrl-u to access the system file menu (technically you can just hit �ctrl-u� in the one second time between powering on and it actually loading, but its […]