Month: November 2009

  • How many cigarette cartons can be brought into the USA?

    This is first hand experience! You can bring 1 carton of cigarettes into the USA duty free. Each carton after that is taxed at $10 per carton and it must be paid before leaving Customs/Immigrations to your connecting flight. The process is extremely quick and easy.

  • FreeBSD: Proper buildworld technique

    Follow all these steps in this exact order…this is from hard-won experience!!! 1. cvsup the correct /usr/src – example cvsup files can usually be found in /root/sup. Normally we follow the security releases e.g. RELENG 6_2 rather than stable e.g. RELENG_6 2. read /usr/src/UPDATING to make sure nothing bad is going to happen. 3. rm […]