VMware converter does not find or recognize LVM CentOS 6 |-wi-ao|

As discussed in this VMware thread:  http://communities.vmware.com/thread/413602

VMware converter 5 fails to recognize LVM slices on CentOS 6 or Red Hat 6.

Log files shows:

WARN storage.lvm ]: Failed to match lvs output line ‘  lv_root|vg00|587034787840B|-wi-ao–|1

This issue is:  -wi-ao–    converter is expecting:  -wi-ao  (no –)

Two fixes:

1.  downgrade to:   lvm2-2.02.72


2. Wrap lvm with:

/sbin/lvm.wrapper $@ | sed -e ‘s/-wi-ao–/-wi-ao/’