Tag: VMware

  • Acronis True Image TIB to VMware VM

    How to convert an Acronis True Image TIB backup file to a VMware VM.  Create a VM with the same OS as the backup with a larger disk than the backup.   How much bigger does not matter.  Boot the VM with the Acronis True Image recovery ISO.   If you do not have this, it is […]

  • Connect vCenter To ESX/ESXi Through MIP NATd IP

    To make both connectivity to vCenter and clone operations function with NATd ESX service consoles: 1. In Vmware vCenter client, disable Vmware HA and DRS. 2. In Vmware vCenter client, disconnect the host. The VMs will continue to run. 3. Log in to the ESX service console via SSH and change to root. $ ssh […]