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DotNet .NET SDK For FreeBSD

It doesn’t exist from MicroSoft, but FreeBSD devotees have created it. Long discussion here: GitHub Page with scripts on how to build from source on a Linux machine for use on FreeBSD here: And GitHub page with a link to a tar.gz of pre-compiled binaries: And the GutHub page on how to […]

Windows XP TLS 1.2 and other things to make it usable in 2020.

You have an ancient Windows XP you need to access and keep online. Run Windows Update 2. A working browser is crucial. Firefox ESR 52.9.0 32 bit works great and is available here: 3. Install TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 and update IE8 using the POS files. This website is all you need to […]

FSCK LVM on CentOS Won’t Boot

Your VM won’t boot. FSCK needed on an LVM. You don’t have root and are screwed. Boot the rescue disk. Scan all disks for partiitions:  lvm pvscan Scan all disks for volume groups and build /etc/lvmtab and /etc/lvmtab.d/* which are the database for all other lvm commands: lvm vgscan Change attributes of a logical volume lvm lvchange -ay VolGroup00 […]

zfs: cannot import : I/O error Destroy and re-create the pool from a backup source

Your FreeNAS, or FreeBSD, ZFS zpool lost power and can’t be accessed. Boot the machine and enter the boot loader menu and set these: set vfs.zfs.debug=1set vfs.zfs.recover=1set debug.bootverbose=1 boot -s <enter> to start the machine in single user mode. Once booted: zpool import -fFX -o readonly=on -R /mnt tank (or whatever the name of your […]