Disable VR (vSphere Replication) on VM

You have long removed SRM/vSphere replication. You discovered a VM still had vSphere Replication enabled. system has paused replication disk added to vm Manually remove vSphere replication from vCenter 1. In a webbrowser go to: http://YOUR-vCenter Server/mob 2. Remove this extensions: “com.vmware.vcHms” More information about MOB, and removing plugins from vCenter, here: http://www.viktorious.nl/2012/05/06/vcenter-howto-remove-a-plugin-from-the-plugin-manager/ Remove vSphere ...

VMware Tools For FreeBSD

cd /usr/ports/emulators/open-vm-tools-nox11/ make all install vi /etc/rc.conf vmware_guest_vmblock_enable=”YES” vmware_guest_vmhgfs_enable=”YES” vmware_guest_vmmemctl_enable=”YES” vmware_guest_vmxnet_enable=”YES” vmware_guestd_enable=”YES” vi /etc/ntp.conf First line: tinker panic 0 vi /boot/loader.conf kern.hz=100 vi /etc/sysctl.conf kern.cam.da.retry_count=100 vmware-toolbox-cmd timesync disable