ZFS Replication on FreeBSD

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This script will replicate a ZFS pool to another FreeBSD machine. The sync process is quick, after the initial copy, and depending upon how much data changed.

Download this shell script: http://www.tediosity.com/zfsrep.sh

This script was written by another author for Solaris and I have fixed it to work on FreeBSD.

I chose to use: /root/zfsrep as the script location.

mkdir -p /root/zfsrep/zfsrep.snapshots
touch /root/zfsrep/zfsrep.log
cp zfsrep.sh /root/zfsrep/
vi zfsrep.sh and modify the e-mail address and location of the script (if you are not using /root/zfsrep)

Initial run:

/root/zfsrep/zfsrep.sh sinit nfs/datastore nfs/datastore

Subsequent runs:

/root/zfsrep/zfsrep.sh sync nfs/datastore nfs/datastore

Create a cronjob and forget about it.

If you make any changes, error fixes, or enhancements please e-mail them to me!! I love seeing other people’s creativity and putting their ideas to work in a production environment.

email: admin -at- tediosity.com

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