vSphere Replication Appliance won’t reconnect to vCenter

For a multitude of reasons your VR appliance is not connected to vCenter, such as:

  1. You updated the SSL certificate
  2. You disconnected the ESXi host that had the vSphere Replication appliance
  3. You rolled back vCenter from a backup or snapshot

Login to the VMware vSphere Replication appliance.

Identify the password of your keystore. To do this, type this command:

/opt/vmware/hms/bin/hms-configtool -cmd list | grep keystore

Note the keystore password.

Now execute this command:

java -jar va-util.jar -cmd certauth -host vCenter_Server_IP-address -port 80 -user vCenter_Server_USERNAME -pass vCenter_Server_PASSWORD -extkey com.vmware.vcHms -keystore /opt/vmware/hms/security/hms-keystore.jks -keystorealias jetty -keystorepass KEYSTOREPASSWORD