Reset Password Foundry EdgeIron – Asset Recovery

VMware Virtual Machine Hosting

Foundry Models Covered: EIF24G, EIF4802CF, EIF48G, EIF24GS, EIF48GS, etc.

1) Establish a connection to the device on the console port

2) Power the switch on, while holding down ctrl-u to access the system file menu (technically you can just hit �ctrl-u� in the one second time between powering on and it actually loading, but its hard to time it)

3) you have a few seconds to type the password for the file menu, it is ‘mercury’; clear off the asteriks that may remain from holding ctrl-u down first.

4) select D to delete all user defined configurations

5) enter the file name of the file type that is �Config File� and confirm if asked to delete it

6) select Q to reload.

At this point it will boot normally, and the username and password for the unit will be at default, admin, and admin. Its back to default now, have fun. I have no idea why Foundry barely documents this process. Even the users manual doesn�t tell you the password to enter the ROM menu (‘mercury’), it sais to call tech support to get it.