FreeBSD: Proper buildworld technique

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VMware Virtual Machine Hosting

Follow all these steps in this exact order…this is from hard-won experience!!!

1. cvsup the correct /usr/src – example cvsup files can usually be found in /root/sup. Normally we follow the security releases e.g. RELENG 6_2 rather than stable e.g. RELENG_6
2. read /usr/src/UPDATING to make sure nothing bad is going to happen.
3. rm -rf /usr/obj or weird bad shit can happen. This is #1 cause of failed installworlds.
4. check /etc/make.conf is sensible…usually it is but for a new box it won’t be.
5. mergemaster -p – otherwise installworld can fail with new users and groups, or worse it doesn’t boot.
6. make -j16 buildworld
7. check kernel config file, usually you can use the one from the previous release, not always. Using WWW here.
8. make buildkernel KERNCONF=WWW
9. make installkernel KERNCONF=WWW
10. [OPTIONAL] reboot to see if the kernel is OK. This is a 2-edged sword, because if you don’t do it, you are screwed if there is a problem with the kernel and you’ve already done installworld. If you do it, the kernel comes up incompatible with userland, and in the worst case, tcp/ip is broken!
11. make installworld
12. mergemaster – take care not to overwrite /etc/ssh/sshd_config and lock yourself out of the box!
13. reboot and pray to the FSM!

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