Set-ExecutionPolicy : Access to the registry key ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PowerShell\1\ShellIds\Microsoft.PowerShell’ is denied.

When running VMware PowerShell CLI you receive this error: Set-ExecutionPolicy : Access to the registry key ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftPowerShell1ShellIdsMicrosoft.PowerShell’ is denied. Right click powercli and click: “Run As Administrator” Once powershell starts type this command: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

VMWare convert thick to thin disk

If you have VMware vCenter – Click Migrate For those of us who do not have VMware vCenter: 1. Shutdown the VM 2. SSH to the ESXi machine and type: vmkfstools -i /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/NAME-OF-VM/NAME-OF-VM.vmdk /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/NAME-OF-VM/NAME-OF-VM-thin.vmdk -d ‘thin’ -a lsilogic Once the copy is done, go into the settings of your VM, delete the hard disk, and ...

unable to access file unspecified filename since it is locked

ESXi / ESX / VSphere / VMWare Something is locking your VM and preventing it from starting. Solution: Snapshot the VM Snapshot unlocks the VM. Now the VM will start normally.

VMware + FreeBSD 7.1 + AMD64 = BTX Halted

Search No Further: Installing FreeBSD 7.1 (or 8.x), with the AMD64 version, under VMware ESXi and the CD loader crashes with a: “BTX Halted”. The solution is to enable: “Intel Virtualization” in BIOS. Also known as “VT” However if your BIOS also has Intel VT-d (Direct I/O), do not enable this.