Malware Protection Designed To Protect

This is scumbag malware designed to take your machine hostage until you pay. Here is the -quickest- way to eliminate this tediosity: 1. Register the scumware using this serial number: SL55J-T54YHJ61-YHG88 Once this is done it will allow you to now use your computer. 2. Open explorer and delete: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Datadefender.exe If ...

FreeBSD ZFS Settings On i386 Hardware

AMD64 Kernel FreeBSD machines are good about autotuning. i386, on the other hand, needs to be adjusted manually. 1. Rebuild your kernel a. Disable/wipe all drivers you are not using or at least those you are highly unlikely to ever use. b. Add: options KVA_PAGES=512 c. Recompile/Install new kernel 2. Add these parameters to /boot/loader.conf ...

FreeBSD LAGG rc.conf

This is what your rc.conf should contain to configure LAGG with FreeBSD: ### LAGG NFS Interface ### ifconfig_bce3=”mtu 9000 up” ifconfig_bce0=”mtu 9000 up” cloned_interfaces=”lagg0″ ifconfig_lagg0=”laggproto roundrobin laggport bce3 laggport bce0″ ipv4_addrs_lagg0=”″ Change the bce* interfaces to whatever your server is using for the network interfaces. The “mtu 9000 up” is correct!

ZFS Replication on FreeBSD

This script will replicate a ZFS pool to another FreeBSD machine. The sync process is quick, after the initial copy, and depending upon how much data changed. Download this shell script: This script was written by another author for Solaris and I have fixed it to work on FreeBSD. I chose to use: /root/zfsrep ...

Setup NIS + Red Hat + CentOS + Linux

The following describes a procedure to set up NIS network name service under Red Hat Linux. This is geared toward a small intallation with only one domain. However, it should be fairly evident how to add more NIS domains. The NIS domain name has nothing to do with any DNS naming convention being used. In ...

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ZFS + List all snapshots

zfs list -t snapshot Example Output: nas1# zfs list -t snapshot NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT nfs/datastore@rep-init-20110113013713 18K – 21K – nfs/datastore@rep20110113013825 311M – 311M – nfs/datastore@rep20110113015314 0 – 68K –

ZFS NFS Export

Activate NFS on the pool: zfs set sharenfs=on Now restrict access by IP range: zfs sharenfs=”-maproot=root -alldirs -network -mask″ Verify using showmount: nas1# showmount -e Exports list on localhost: /nfs/datastore /nfs

FreeBSD LAGG / LACP Uneven Distribution

If you have setup LAGG on FreeBSD and are noting that one NIC is getting all of the traffic. Switch to roundrobin and check results. The primary (“MASTER”) NIC will always receive the incoming traffic. With roundrobin all of the traffic will exit all NICs assigned to the LAGG.


FreeBSD recently introduced a disk replication setup: HAST. This is FreeBSD’s answer to DRDB for Linux. Some very good blog posts, with scripting, can be found here: FreeBSD + HAST + CARP + NFS HAST with ZFS My issues with HAST are its feeling of instability and the addition of numerous points of failure… sloppy ...