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  • Dell 2970 – Crashes / Reboots

    Error on screen: HyperTransport error caused a system reset Embedded I/O Bridge Device 2 SEL will show: Chipset Err: Critical Event Sensor PCI Err (BUS 0 Device 7 Function 0) was asserted There is a discussion about it here (with no real solution): I replaced both power supplied with known good units from a […]

  • Dell Firmware Upgrade

    If you have been searching around for the proper ISOs to use. These two ISOs are what you need to use. This is bootable: cdu_1.5_core_225_A00.iso After you have burned and booted with the above CD. Download these three files: The above files need to be joined: Windows: copy /b OM* OM_610_SUU_A01.iso Linux: […]